How we work

Visionary, trustworthy, collaborative and impactful. These are the values that underpin our work. We build relationships before buildings and collaborate with talented partners to deliver transformational positive impact.

Collaboration: We build relationships before buildings

We always work alongside local communities and our partners, ensuring we deliver places, homes and amenities that everyone can be proud of. Progress comes from collaboration at every level: it’s what it means to be part of a hub.

Public engagment for Queen’s Quarter

What this looks like

Queen’s Quarter

Revitalising a much loved park in central Croydon through extensive community consultation

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Wembley Link Phase 1

Transforming unloved offices into valuable public realm and community facilities

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Impact: We seek progress by delivering social impact

We make places better for people and planet, and operate in a responsible, respectful way. Progress means achieving positive impact.

Public realm at Hoola

New bouldering facilities and public realm at Boiler House

What this looks like

One Maidenhead

A new public square and mixed use development for Maidenhead town centre

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Wembley Link Phase 2

256 new homes take their place as part of Wembley Park’s revival

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Visionary: We believe in the power of great design

Our projects are never straightforward and often push the boundaries to try something new. Progress is being unafraid to experiment and innovate with how we design.

The Boiler House’s tapering façade

What this looks like

Boiler House

A low-carbon place for 54 environmentally-conscious homes

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Hoola London

Two towers of rippling glass, marking the gateway to London’s Royal Docks

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Trustworthy: We deliver long-lasting value for all

We pride ourselves in always delivering to plan and budget, because we know our projects matter to many. Progress is real action, never empty promises.

What this looks like

Rehearsal Rooms

One of London’s first institutionally-backed Built to Rent schemes

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Material Store

Bringing homes and public realm to a vibrant new neighbourhood in West London

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People and Planet

We believe that, as a progressive developer, we can achieve positive impact through the places we create. While we’ve made great strides in sustainability across our developments, we recognise the need to do more. In 2022, we’re launching a roadmap that sets out our commitment to helping to tackle the climate crisis. ‘Towards 2030’ will include ambitious targets and responsible principles to help us accelerate change.

Key facts

Members of UKGBC

Part of BPF's residential ESG working group

Future schemes all-electric for low operational carbon

Co-design champions working with local communities


HubCap is a wholly-owned subsidiary of HUB, set up to deliver low carbon urban living projects in key UK cities. HubCap’s focus is on emerging models, prioritising sites that are currently offices or other commercial uses. These projects will bring vibrant communities to corners of popular neighbourhoods which need reinvigorating.

Our partners

HUB is collaborative and loyal. We work with a talented consultant network, and funding partners which include:

Bridges Fund Management, Smedvig, CBREGI, MARK, Realstar (Uncle), L&G, Get Living, L&Q, M&G